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LTI Taxi parts are selling very well
The date of publication:  2014-06-28   Author:DE  Click the number:1386

London Taxi parts are selling very well, especiallly the LTI TX4 auto parts.

Shanghai lti automobile components co., ltd. (slti) is a joint venture established by geely holding group and manganese bronze holdings, in which geely takes up 51% stock shares, shanghai maple accounts for 1%, totally 52% for geely holding group as a controlling share holder while manganese bronze holdings occupies 48% stock shares.

Slti aims to launch the superior tx series in chinese market and widely export all over the world. as the only tx4 manufacturing company away from uk, slti will be the manufacturing base for london taxi aiming at the world market in future. this will also help geely to increase the automobile quality with the world advanced technology, open up a new door for geely to realize their philosophy of \"make the best cars, ordinary people can afford and bring geely to the world\".

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